Charles Patricoff

Charles J. Patricoff has over 35 years of writing experiences, encompassing a broad spectrum of audiences, including over 25 years of professional technical writing. Calvary Times Magazine has published 45 of his articles and his short story "Still Waters." His short story "Jacob’s Trouble" won a Brevard County, Florida creative writing contest. In 2005 he coauthored Greater Europe Missions’ (Colo. Springs) Ministry in the Workplace Training Workbook and Training Program. He teaches Technical Writing, Political Science, The United States Constitution, and The American Civil War at Colorado Christian University. Charles served as a career, Regular Officer in the United States Air Force. Since leaving the service, he has worked in the aerospace industry for over 30 years. A Jewish follower of Yeshua, he speaks at Pro-Life and Tea Party rallies about our Godly American Heritage. “I write to preserve life and liberty, because by fighting to provide freedom for others, we preserve freedom for ourselves,” Charles says. To email the author:

Books By Charles Patricoff

Separation - Destination Hope Series: Book One
Emancipation - Destination Hope Series: Book Two

Consolation - Destination Hope Series: Book Three
Liberation - Destination Hope Series: Book Four